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GrowBaby X DNALife Genetic Test Package
GrowBaby X DNALife Genetic Test Package
GrowBaby X DNALife Genetic Test Package
GrowBaby X DNALife Genetic Test Package
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GrowBaby X DNALife Genetic Test Package

GrowBaby is a genetic test* for mom-to-be, designed to help you better understand the functioning of key biological pathways that influence maternal and fetal health, and how these relate to the major birth phenotypes (being born too small, too large, too stressed and too early). The report provides valuable insights into how you can optimize health outcomes (high blood sugar and high blood pressure) for mom and baby using gene-based personalized diet, supplement, and lifestyle interventions.

 "Developed in collaboration with Drs Leslie & Michael Stone, and Emily Rydbom, we are delighted to finally make this test available!"

"We are excited to offer the opportunity to learn together with you to optimize your preconception and pregnancy story!"

How it Works 

1. Purchase your GrowBaby Genetic Package-which includes an interpretation and a short personalized plan with Emily Rydbom, CN, BCHN, CNP 

2. GrowBaby will drop ship you a GrowBaby Genetic test with instructions for collection and shipping. Once collected, you will have up to 5 days to return the saliva collection to DNALife labs through DHL international shipping**.

3. Once DNALife receives the sample, GrowBaby will have access to results in 2-3 weeks time on their portal, at which point Emily Rydbom, CN, BCHN, CNP will reach back out to set up a telemedicine appointment for interpretation and a personalized plan. 

4. At your telemedicine appointment, 30 minutes will be spent on interpretation and 15 minutes will be spent on your personalized nutrition, nutrients, and creating a lifestyle plan which will be sent to you via email following your appointment. 

5. If you need further support, you may schedule another appointment with the GrowBaby team! 

*GrowBaby Genetic Sample Report will be sent to you via email so you can peer at what you will receive! Get excited~good things are coming! 

**Shipping to DNALife Labs will be paid for by the client at the rate of $20 USD (included in the cost of the GrowBaby Genetic Package)

Practitioner Clinical Utility

Preconception and the perinatal time period provide a unique opportunity to establish the foundations for optimum health and development across the lifespan. Targeted interventions, using insights from a genetic test, can optimize the mother's health, supporting a healthier pregnancy, and resulting in transgenerational health and resilience.

If you are a practitioner wanting to learn more or you would like to offer the GrowBaby Genetic test in your practice, contact DNALife directly at

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