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If you knew there was a way to decrease the risk of chronic disease in your baby, would you make the changes during pregnancy? The proper energy and nutrition that passes through you and into your baby as they grow will create an environment with the potential to decrease the risk of asthma, allergies, cardiometabolic disease, autism spectrum disorders, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Did you know that by approaching pregnancy the GrowBaby Way you dramatically decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, and small and large for gestational age babies? GrowBaby will help teach you that your decisions are powerful. The foods you choose will change the way that your body responds to pregnancy and improve your health outcomes and those of your child. We look forward to the day when all women worldwide can have equal access to clean water, fresh food, and proper nutrition to create healthy lives. 


Emily Rydbom, BA, CN, CNP, BCHN is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Certified Nutrition Professional, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, as well as a Certified Lifestyle Educator. She is the owner & CEO of GrowBaby, LLC, mother of 2, and has been practicing the functional nutrition approach to pregnancy since 2010. She co-published the study, "Customized Nutritional Enhancement for Pregnant Women Appears to Lower Incidence of Common Maternal and Neonatal Complications" printed in - Global Advances in Health and Medicine with Dr. Leslie Stone and others. She has an active clinical practice, working beside Dr. Stone, helping women reach their nutrition and pregnancy health goals. Her passions include empowering women during the preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal time period, and teaching families about healthy nutrition and lifestyle balance from 6 months-5+ years. Her undergraduate degree completed at Southern Oregon University followed by her postgraduate training through Bauman College, Berkeley, California.

“We are now beginning to understand more than ever the effects that food and nutrition can have on fostering global health change. If we can utilize the unique nine month opportunity during pregnancy to teach mothers the influence of proper nutrition to grow a healthy life, then we are not only growing a healthy mother and healthy baby, but we are also growing a healthy world. It is my passion to share effective and empowering nutrition to expectant mothers and their families.”-Emily Rydbom 


Leslie P. Stone, M.D., IFM-CP, board certified in family practice, with a fellowship in surgical obstetrics.  She is an International lecturer on developmental programming of disease and application of individualized functional medicine care during pregnancy.  Her passion is helping parents capture the miraculous during pregnancy by changing habits, their lives and empowering life in and out of the womb. She is the primary consultant for GrowBabyHealth.com, an individualized nutrition and lifestyle program promoting generational health. She has been delivering babies since 1982 and has delivered nearly 5000 children. She is owner of Ashland Comprehensive Family Medicine—Stone Medical in Ashland, Oregon where she continues to practice.

Her ongoing clinical research centers around aspects of the developmental programming of health, functional medicine approach to pregnancy, and comparing birth practices including vaginal births after cesarean and water births with other birthing experiences.

Her undergraduate degree was from Washington State University in Physiological Psychiatry was followed by her MD from University of Washington Seattle, Internship in OB/GYN Oregon Health Sciences University, Residency at UCLA in Family Medicine, Surgical Obstetric Fellowship at UCLA Ventura and further Certification in Functional Medicine.

“There is nothing more exciting to me in medicine than to see the excitement and expectation of the newly discovered pregnancy, followed by the wonderful transformation of gestation and the joy and glory of birth. The excitement that I feel during the nine months with each mother increases when we are meeting the nutritional and developmental needs of mom and babe. Effective preconception and prenatal nutrition has the potential to change generational health, and thus health of the entire world.” -Leslie Stone

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