GrowBaby Nutrition Master's Courses

We are honored to have created this Perinatal Nutrition Master's Course in partnership with Metagenics. In this course we review current recommendations and science in the field of Preconcepetion Care for both partners, as well as review effective ways to manage PCOS, endometriosis and aspects of male and female infertility. You will also learn how certain nutrients work with you and for you in pregnancy. As always, we are in pursuit of the best from the beginning and continue to empower with impactful ways to change the health of you and your baby.

**Perinatal Nutrition Master's Course**

**MAPS Video Talks**

In these MAPS talks, we focus on our unique pregnancy care given in a clinical setting. We are an insurance-based GrowBaby MD-Nutritionist team that provides prenatal care to a 50% Medicaid population. We review how to target each individual with effective interventions to improve their pregnancy health.

Targeted Nutritional Approach to Pregnancy

Perinatal Care in the 21st Century: A Functional Medicine Approach

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